Frontline graduates are currently serving the Armed Forces across the globe. Wherever they go, the heart-level leadership model and ongoing support has provided a stable foundation for them to lead effectively with authenticity and resilience.

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Alumni Testimonials

“Frontline ministers to college kids who are searching—searching to belong, searching to understand, searching for purpose. The ministry tools they use give a framework and language to cadets who are for the first time carrying the weight of leadership, adulthood, and calling.”

Capt Katie Little, USAF

“One of the most precious and important things to personal development is community. If you don’t spend time around people who value the word of God and are willing to challenge you on it, you’ll end up drained, out of touch with the Lord, and ignorant of your flaws. Frontline knows how to lead a community toward true personal and spiritual growth.”

Lt. Ben Pritchard, USAF F-16 pilot

“Frontline helps guide new officers through the difficulties of military life. There’s a lot of brokenness in the military, and good leadership is needed more than ever.”

Lt. Joe Murray, US Space Force

“If your identity is not firmly secured in Christ before entering training, the Air Force will give you one as a pilot.

USAF Instructor Pilot

“Frontline is producing good leaders who understand the delicate balance between mission and people. They understand their value and identity comes from their eternal faith in Christ, not their temporal position as an officer in the military.”

 Lt. James McNamara

“College is the first time our world views get challenged outside the protective walls of our homes.  When these beliefs don’t hold up under the weight of our own sinful hearts and the temptation of this world, it often leads us to isolation, confusion, and the pursuit of our destructive desires.  Frontline provides an environment where biblical truth can be applied in a way that people find true hope and see real change.”

Lt. Tanner Greathouse, T-38 Instructor

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Partner Testimonials

“Frontline is a force multiplier for our cadre because the work they are doing is building strong leaders with character within the cadet wing. Those cadets can go out and engage brokenness with their fellow cadets and get them on the path to being whole. Students/cadets who are associated with Frontline are some of the best and high performing cadets in the cadet wing.”

Maj Michael Moore, USAF

“Unlike behavioral models of leadership that fade with time, Frontline addresses deeper issues of character development, which can last a lifetime.”

Col Tony Kim, USAF (ret)

“As a retired officer and RMH mentor, I can personally attest that the memorable experiences, leadership development, and friendships forged by this program are immeasurable. This is an awesome opportunity for young officers and cadets to learn firsthand how faith and service can, and should, coexist in an increasingly secular military environment.”

VADM William Dean Lee, USCG (ret)

“Who am I and what defines me? Am I a soldier, sailor, airman? Am I a husband, father, pilot, infantryman? Or am I a Christian by God’s amazing grace and bringing his light and hope into the military? The world wants us to believe we are defined by external things. Frontline is helping me and other military leaders realize they are both redeemed and defined by Jesus.

LTC, Army Blackhawk Pilot