Through customized discipleship, Frontline strengthens, equips, and launches credible leaders into the U.S. military.

About Frontline

Who We Are

Frontline Leadership is a ministry that provides leadership development and authentic community for ROTC cadets. Through adventure opportunities, one-on-one discipleship, and honest relationships, we teach cadets their identity, value, and purpose transcend military service. By fostering heart-level change through the tangible application of the gospel, we grow leaders whose lives are characterized by grace, strength, humility, and integrity.

What We Believe

What We Believe

Trust God

While we all struggle with looking outside of God for things only he can provide, cadets and officers frequently regard military service as a functional savior and rely on rank and performance to establish their worth. When cadets believe their identity is rooted in God’s love, design, and purpose, they are equipped to trust him and see military service through the lense of Scripture, not vice versa. 

Build Community

Finding biblical community and authentic relationships in the military can be difficult. Through adventure opportunities and weekly gatherings, we help cadets develop bonds rooted in authenticity and accountability. When they transfer to active duty, cadets have the tools they need to build intentional relationships that change the culture of their units.

Forge Resilience

Frontline cadets and officers view themselves as battlefield medics with the experience to humbly but confidently engage the brokenness around them.  Since it is disingenuous to bandage up someone else when we’re ignoring our own wounds, we help cadets learn that engaging our own brokenness first strengthens character, and is the key to vulnerable, resilient leadership.

Our Members

“Frontline has taught me the importance of Christlike leadership in the military and has given me a community I didn’t know I needed. Many of the cadets involved in the program are some of the best in the entire battalion/detachment and I’ve been honored to walk alongside them and watch them lead.”

Mary Stewart Jones, Army ROTC cadet

"The ministry of Frontline connected me to a solid community of believers and friends. It has given me space to ask questions and grow, creating a major shift in my life. I would not be the person I am now nor would I have the authentic faith I have now without them."

Matt Dundorf, AFROTC Cadet

"Connecting to Frontline gave me a real family I can depend on. They have helped push me to be the best person and soldier I can be which has freed me to realize the ultimate purpose for my life and future military career. These Frontline values will follow me for the rest of my life as I continue to pursue Jesus in the military.”

Lu McCurry, ARMY ROTC cadet

"Being in community has exposed my need for grace and my desire to share that hope with others. Frontline has helped me have an eternal perspective. While I am heading to Air Force Pilot Training after graduation, my desire to explore my relationship trumps any other desire in my heart."

Jackson Dudley, AFROTC Cadet

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